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Timber Windows London

Timber Windows London

Double-Glazed Energy Efficient Wooden Windows London

All our bespoke timber windows and doors are crafted to your exact specifications, so we can craft a new, quality window of any shape or size, including curved, arched, round or triangular.

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Our timber sash windows London, are custom-crafted for traditional, modern, and period properties in conservation areas. This design will bring quality, timeless character to your home that never goes out of fashion.

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Our casement wooden windows London are designed, to increase the energy efficiency of your home due to their high insulation ability and are reproduced from your existing design of window. Giving an elegant style to your home.

Advantages Of Timber Windows London-Made

BIJAN Timbers Windows London


As standard our wooden windows are double glazed. We use Law Emissivity glazing units increasing energy efficiency up to 75% compared to regular float glass. Depending of the requirements we provide a whole range of glazing options


The timber is protected by 4 layers of microporous paint, so it prevents any moisture absorption and premature degradation.


The incorporation of modern modifications like drought seals, combined with our expert joinery techniques, increases insulation and energy efficiency and eliminates sound pollution.


Our Timber windows London crafted, are double glazed as standard. The use of Low Emissivity Glazing units on our wooden windows increases their energy efficiency by up to 75%. We have a large range of glazing options to suit your requirements.

What Timber Windows London Can Bring To Your Home

There’s nothing that can beat the charm, elegance, and incredible quality of wooden windows London crafted. Our custom-made timber windows London are the perfect investment to make your home stylish and to increase it’s value. Because of that, timber windows have always been popular and in trend. Our frames are sourced from sustainable timber and can be crafted from hardwood or softwood. All of our timber windows London ordered, are individually custom designed and you choose the configuration, colour, and important finishing touches. Our expert joiners custom craft your wooden windows with great precision and fantastic workmanship, so the windows are pressure-preserved to increase their durability.


Wooden casement windows are always a quality, high-end choice for your home. There are many reasons why it is a good decision to pay a little more and get an excellent investment that will last a lifetime. With our wooden windows London styled you will get:


  • The sophistication and natural beauty of real wood
  • Modern performance features
  • A choice of hardwood or softwood
  • Increased energy efficiency for your home – the wood is an excellent insulator and you will see a significant decrease in your energy bills
  • Security – our windows come with many security features to make you feel safe and secure in your home
  • Noise reduction

Our casement timber windows London windows will keep your home warm, safe, and look fantastic. All of our wooden windows are made from the best materials, and will give your house a new look.

The Advantages Of Double Glazing Timber Windows London
Choose The Right Option For Your Needs

Our double glazing Timber Windows London are the superior choice, and the benefits you’ll reap will speak for themselves. With double glazed timber windows London, we will work with homeowners like yourself to narrow down the best options for your home.

 Winter Warming

When temperatures outside plummet, double glazing offers insulation that protects the climate inside. Up to half of the heat loss in a home happens through its windows and doors, which proves how important double glazing is to keep you warm, and cut down on your bills.

Heat loss reduction 52%

 Cool Summers

Insulation doesn’t just keep the cold out – it can also protect you from the heat. With double glazed wooden sash windows London doesn’t have to feel like a furnace during the summer heatwaves. Your house will cost less to run so that you can keep cool.

Solar heat reduction 34%

 Peace and Quiet

Nobody likes to hear every car, bus, or anything else that passes by outside. Our wooden double glazed windows London work wonders for reducing noise. The air between the glass panes stops sound waves in their tracks, saving you the headache. If a peaceful home is something you’re after, our timber windows London will be a godsend.

Perceived noise reduction 20%

 A Healthy Home

No matter how fancy your home’s insulation is, 50% of the heat in your home is still sneaking out of your wooden windows. Then you get problems like condensation, which breeds mould, encourages viruses, and welcomes unwanted visitors like asthma. Double glazing will help stabilise the temperature in your home, protecting you from cold, heat, and everything in between.

Wooden Doors

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Our offer of wooden doors London is exceptionally wide, so you can find something for yourself, regardless of individual aesthetic or functional preferences. We provide high quality products and professional assistance in choosing the best solution for your home or office.