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    We Have a Years of Experience in Bespoke Timber Windows & Doors

    When it comes to wooden windows, timber windows and wooden french doors, Bijan Timber Windows sets the industry standard. From the first time clients contact us, they receive outstanding customer service, professional advice, and information about our range of stunning joinery products. From large townhouses to public buildings and even smaller homes, our range of wooden windows and wooden double glazed windows can be bespoke to the individual property, ensuring that perfect look every time.

    Using the best materials available and the most time honoured techniques, our wooden windows and wooden sash windows are built to impress and to last. For the most efficient energy style, our wooden double glazed windows are truly outstanding, and our range of timber casement windows are also available in this style.

    Whether it’s our wooden sash windows or our stunning wooden french doors, nobody beats Bijan Timber Windows for craftsmanship, cost, or results, so contact us today to discuss all your wooden windows questions.

    Our Timber Windows London

    We manufacture quality timber windows and doors, including timber sash windows London crafted, timber casement windows London designed, wooden french doors, and quality front doors for all types of buildings, All of our products are custom made, exactly to your requirements, we can produce any design or style that you desire.

    BIJAN Timber Windows London

    We manufacture and provide installation of timber Sash and Casement windows, French doors and Front doors for all type of properties, from modern to period or conversation. Since our products are custom made we are able to fulfil any architectural and aesthetic requirement replicating your existing design.

    Our Best Wooden Products

    BIJAN Timbers Windows London

    What Our Clients Say About BIJAN Timber Windows London

    FAQ About Timber Casement Windows
    & Timber Sash Windows

    With timber windows London homeowners are not given a standard time frame on how often their wooden window should be replaced. For many installations of original timber sash windows, London homes have had the same ones for a long time, as with proper maintenance good quality timber sash windows will last for decades.
    When installing timber sash windows London properties need, the most common timber used to make them is, by a distance, European Redwood. Deal, Scots Pine and Baltic Pine are extremely popular for timber windows. At BIJAN Timber Windows only the highest quality wood is used for all our wooden sash windows London projects.
    Using a weight and cord system, the traditional timber sash windows our London customers get from us function seamlessly and effortlessly. On these timber sash windows, the weight is connected to the window sash by the cord that runs over the hidden pulley, and the counterbalance created between the weight and the sash window facilitates enough resistance for a smooth window opening.

    The timber casement windows London customers buy from us open outward like a door, which is due to hinges on either side of the frame. This is often achieved using a cranking system. Installing casement windows in your London home provides more benefits than other types of frame, including superior clarity, easy maintenance and better ventilation.

    Timber casement windows, like other wooden casement windows London properties have, are generally hard to break into. This is due to the fact that, when closed, the timber casement windows have a latched seal that is very tight, and the only way to open it would be to break the glass. The latch of double-hung windows is used to close the window, and not for security purposes.

    Timber casement windows are thermally efficient and resist ‘cold-bridging’. Essentially, this means that the timber casement windows in your London home actively help to save operational energy over the life of any building. Our timber casement windows provide superior thermal insulation: 15 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel, making timber casement windows for your London home a great idea for many reasons.

    Why Timber Windows
    are better for your Home


    Timber windows deliver excellent thermal efficiency when compared to plastic


    Bespoke wooden windows in London home deliver more character than uPVC and aluminium framed windows


    Timber windows are suitable for both contemporary and period-style homes.


    This is a slower growing type of wood and therefore has a tighter grain than softwood making these timber windows more stable and durable.

    Planning permit

    Thanks to our fully customizable wooden bespoke windows and doors projects, you will easily achieve planning permit in conservation area.


    Timber windows offer a more long term value than uPVC with a service life around twice that of uPVC.

    When it comes to bespoke timber windows London homeowners get many benefits. With plastic you get a degrading material, but with timber windows London homes get the huge benefit of a material with an estimated service life of around 60 years, around twice the lifespan of uPVC windows.


    Unlike plastic windows that become discoloured and brittle with exposure to the sun, bespoke wooden windows in London properties are hard wearing and can be more easily repaired. Additionally, timber windows and wooden casement windows can be easily maintained which makes them even more durable.

    Our timber window and wooden sash windows have frames that are structurally built up using multiple timber layers, making them as strong as steel, while maintaining a low weight and supreme energy efficiency.

    Bijan Your timber windows and doors in London

    We are a company that offers timber windows and wooden doors in London. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to offer you a variety of styles and sizes, perfectly suited to any interior. Our products are not only made of the highest quality wood but also customized to meet your individual needs and preferences. Contact us for more information about our wooden doors and windows in London, and to find out how we can help with your projects.

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