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    Experience Excellence with Bespoke Wooden Windows & Doors

    When it comes to wooden windows Richmond crafted, timber windows Richmond produced, and wooden French doors Richmond designed, Bijan Timber Windows sets the gold standard. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and professional guidance ensures that from the initial contact, clients receive complete assistance and information about our exquisite joinery products. Whether for spacious townhouses, public edifices, or cosy residences, our range of wooden windows Richmond crafted and double glazed options can be tailored to suit each property’s unique aesthetics. Crafted using premium materials and time-tested techniques, our wooden sash windows Richmond produced and timber casement windows Richmond range are engineered to dazzle and endure. For optimal energy efficiency, our wooden double glazed windows stand out, and our timber casement windows are available in this energy-efficient style as well. From our elegant wooden sash windows Richmond made to our captivating wooden French doors Richmond designed, Bijan Timber Windows excels in craftsmanship, affordability, and outcomes. Reach out to us today to explore all your wooden window Richmond options.

    Discover Our Timber Windows Richmond

    At Bijan Timber Windows, we specialize in crafting quality timber windows and doors, including Richmond’s finest timber sash windows, meticulously designed timber casement windows Richmond range, stylish wooden French doors Richmond designed, and premium front doors suitable for any building type. Every product is custom-made to your exact specifications, allowing us to bring to life any design or style you envision.

    Bijan Timber Windows: Richmond Location

    At Bijan Timber Windows in Richmond, we take pride in our expertise in manufacturing and installing bespoke timber sash and casement windows, French doors Richmond crafted, and front doors tailored to suit all types of properties, whether modern, period, or conversational. Our dedication to customisation means we can fulfill any architectural or aesthetic demand, precisely replicating your existing design to perfection.

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    BIJAN Timbers Windows London

    What Our Clients Say About BIJAN Timber Windows London

    FAQ About Timber Casement Windows
    & Timber Sash Windows

    With timber windows London homeowners are not given a standard time frame on how often their wooden window should be replaced. For many installations of original timber sash windows, London homes have had the same ones for a long time, as with proper maintenance good quality timber sash windows will last for decades.
    When installing timber sash windows London properties need, the most common timber used to make them is, by a distance, European Redwood. Deal, Scots Pine and Baltic Pine are extremely popular for timber windows. At BIJAN Timber Windows only the highest quality wood is used for all our wooden sash windows London projects.
    Using a weight and cord system, the traditional timber sash windows our London customers get from us function seamlessly and effortlessly. On these timber sash windows, the weight is connected to the window sash by the cord that runs over the hidden pulley, and the counterbalance created between the weight and the sash window facilitates enough resistance for a smooth window opening.

    The timber casement windows London customers buy from us open outward like a door, which is due to hinges on either side of the frame. This is often achieved using a cranking system. Installing casement windows in your London home provides more benefits than other types of frame, including superior clarity, easy maintenance and better ventilation.

    Timber casement windows, like other wooden casement windows London properties have, are generally hard to break into. This is due to the fact that, when closed, the timber casement windows have a latched seal that is very tight, and the only way to open it would be to break the glass. The latch of double-hung windows is used to close the window, and not for security purposes.

    Timber casement windows are thermally efficient and resist ‘cold-bridging’. Essentially, this means that the timber casement windows in your London home actively help to save operational energy over the life of any building. Our timber casement windows provide superior thermal insulation: 15 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel, making timber casement windows for your London home a great idea for many reasons.

    Why Choose Timber Windows
    for Your Home?


    Timber windows Richmond outperform plastic in delivering excellent thermal efficiency, keeping your home cosy and energy-efficient.


    Bespoke wooden windows Richmond designed add unique character and charm to London homes, surpassing the aesthetics of uPVC and aluminium-framed windows.


    Whether your home is contemporary or period-style, timber windows Richmond complement any architectural design.


    Hardwood timber windows boast a tighter grain, ensuring stability and durability, making them a long-lasting investment for your home.

    Planning permit

    Our fully customizable wooden bespoke windows and doors projects facilitate obtaining planning permits, especially in conservation areas.


    Timber windows Richmond offer superior long-term value compared to uPVC, with a service life that is approximately twice as long.

    Unlike plastic, timber windows Richmond crafted boast an estimated service life of around 60 years, providing enduring beauty and functionality for London homes. Bespoke wooden windows Richmond are resilient to sun exposure, maintaining their durability and appearance over time, and they are easily repairable when needed. Timber windows and wooden casement windows Richmond produced are easy to maintain, ensuring their longevity and performance for years to come. Our timber window and wooden sash windows Richmond style feature structurally built-up frames with multiple timber layers, offering strength comparable to steel while maintaining lightweight and supreme energy efficiency.


    Bijan Your Premier Choice for Timber Windows and Doors in Richmond

    Discover exquisite timber windows and wooden doors Richmond crafted with Bijan. With years of industry experience, we provide a diverse range of styles and sizes, meticulously crafted to complement any interior space. Our products boast the highest quality wood and are tailored to your unique requirements and preferences. Contact us today for more information on our wooden doors and windows in Richmond, and let us assist you in bringing your projects to life.

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    Timber Windows Richmond

    Double-Glazed Energy Efficient Wooden Windows Richmond

    All our tailor-made timber windows Richmond designed and doors are meticulously crafted to match your precise requirements. Whether it’s a curved, arched, round, or triangular shape, we can deliver top-quality windows of any size or design.

    Windows Richmond

    Our bespoke timber sash windows Richmond range are meticulously crafted to suit traditional, modern, and period properties in conservation areas. With their timeless appeal, they add a touch of class to your home that never goes out of style.

    Windows Richmond

    Enhance the energy efficiency of your home with our stylish casement wooden windows Richmond designed. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and practicality, they offer superior insulation and can be custom-made to match your existing window design, adding elegance to your home.

    The Benefits of Double Glazing Timber Windows in London

    Discover the perfect solution for your home with our double glazing timber windows Richmond range. Experience the multitude of advantages they offer, tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Warmth in Winter

    Combat the chill of winter with our double glazing, providing insulation that retains heat indoors. With nearly half of a home’s heat loss occurring through windows and doors, our double glazed timber windows Richmond range is essential for keeping you cosy while reducing energy bills.

    Heat loss reduction: 52%

    Cool Summers

    Stay comfortable during summer heatwaves with our double glazed wooden sash windows Richmond range preventing your home from turning into an oven. Enjoy lower running costs as you beat the heat.

    Solar heat reduction: 34%

    Tranquil Living

    Escape the noise pollution of urban life with our double glazed wooden windows Richmond crafted. The air trapped between glass panes acts as a barrier against external noise, promoting a peaceful environment within your home.

    Perceived noise reduction: 20%

    Healthy Living Environment

    Maintain a healthy living space by preventing heat loss and condensation with our double glazing. Stabilize indoor temperatures to ward off mould, viruses, and respiratory issues, ensuring a comfortable and safe home environment.

    Wooden Doors Richmond

    Discover Your Perfect Wooden Doors Richmond Crafted

    Our range of bespoke wooden windows Richmond crafted and wooden French doors Richmond designed are tailored to suit your exact needs, ensuring we can fashion a window to fit any shape – whether it’s curved, arched, round, or triangular.

    Doors Richmond

    If you’re seeking to infuse your property with warmth and character, look no further than our selection of interior wooden doors. Their distinctive features bring a timeless charm to any home, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also excellent insulation and durability thanks to the variety of woods available.

    Wooden French
    Doors Richmond

    French wooden doors create a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. Solid, weather-proofed wooden frames with multiple glass panels create effective insulation, whilst still allowing plenty of natural light into your home and a seamless transition to the outdoors, so they’re an ideal choice for patio or garden entrances.

    BI - Fold
    Doors Richmond

    For those seeking both style and practicality, our wooden bi-fold doors offer the perfect solution. With multiple panels that fold flat, they maximize opening space and seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor areas. Available in various woods, they cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes.

    Doors Richmond

    Your front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior and sets the tone for visitors. A solid wooden front door exudes timeless elegance and warmth, while also providing excellent insulation. Easily customisable to your property’s specifications, wooden front doors are a practical, eco-friendly, and stylish choice for any home in Richmond.

    Why Should You Invest In Wooden Doors London?

    Timber Variety

    Our wooden French doors Richmond crafted boast a diverse range of timber options, including Pine, Alder tree, Oak, Accoya, Okume, Sapeli, and Meranti mahogany. Crafted from the finest FSC-certified timber sourced sustainably, they guarantee both quality and eco-friendliness.


    To ensure longevity, our timber undergoes a meticulous process of microporous paint application, consisting of four layers. This protective measure shields against moisture penetration, safeguarding the wood from premature deterioration.

    Enhanced Insulation

    Combining traditional joinery techniques with modern advancements, our wooden French doors Richmond crafted offer superior insulation properties. High-quality draught seals further enhance energy efficiency and soundproofing, creating a comfortable and tranquil environment within your home.

    Glazing Options

    As standard, our wooden French doors Richmond designed feature double glazing. We provide an extensive range of glazing options to cater to diverse preferences and requirements. Our Low Emissivity Glazing units significantly boost energy efficiency by up to 75% compared to conventional float glass, ensuring optimal performance in any climate. Choose from Toughened Glass, Acoustic Glass, Obscured and Textured Glass, Single Heritage Glazing, Leaded Glass, Stained Glass, Decorative Glass, and various Muntin Layouts to tailor your doors to perfection.