Timber Sash Windows

Bespoke Timber Sash Windows London

Boost Your Home's Charm

Discover the perfect blend of timeless design and energy efficiency with our meticulously crafted wooden sash windows. London designed. Engineered with a unique hinge operation, our timber sash windows offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring a seamless fit for your architectural vision.

Timber Sash Windows London

Bijan Timber Windows is an industry leader for premium-quality sash windows crafted from sustainably sourced timber. From pine to oak and Accoya, our FSC-certified materials guarantee both durability and environmental responsibility. Experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with our bespoke timber sash windows tailored to enhance your London home.

Protection of Sash Windows

Experience peace of mind with our wooden sash windows London Range, fortified with advanced protective measures. Our four-layer microporous paint system acts as a barrier against moisture, extending the lifespan of your windows in London’s diverse climate.


Combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology, our timber sash windows London deliver superior insulation. Integrated with premium draught seals, they reduce energy wastage and block out external noise, guaranteeing a comfortable environment within your home.


Every one of our timber sash windows boasts double glazing to ensure both quality and efficiency. Here at Bijan Joinery, we prioritize the use of Low-Emissivity glazing units to enhance energy efficiency by approximately 75% when compared to standard float glass. Depending on your specific needs, we offer a diverse array of glazing options.

Bijan Timber Sash Windows London - Flexible Installation Choices

Explore our diverse installation options, tailored to suit your preferences and requirements.

Option one

Experience hassle-free installation with our basic fitting service. We cover the essentials, ensuring your windows are expertly installed without architraves and finishing work.

Option two

Transform your aesthetic with our basic fitting service enhanced by period-profiled architraves and internal sills. This option provides a refined look without including finishing work and decorating.

Option three

For a comprehensive and polished result, choose our full fitting service. Enjoy the complete package, including period-profiled architraves, internal sills, and meticulous finishing work inside and outside your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Sash Windows London

Timber sash windows London are traditional window structures featuring movable panels, or sashes, that slide vertically or horizontally within the frame. Crafted from timber wood, they exude a classic aesthetic.

Timber sash windows London are renowned for their durability and resilience. With proper maintenance, they resist breakage well. Additionally, timber’s inherent strength contributes to the windows’ security and longevity.

Timber sash windows London boast numerous benefits. Firstly, they enhance a property’s visual allure with their timeless charm. Secondly, timber serves as a natural insulator, ensuring superior thermal efficiency and reduced energy costs. Furthermore, these windows can be tailored to complement various architectural styles, providing design versatility. Lastly, timber is an eco-friendly material, making timber sash windows a sustainable choice.