Timber Casement Windows London

We serve South-West London

Our windows are made to replicate the existing design and give an elegant look to your house at the same time providing high performance in terms of energy efficiency. Since this type of window operates on hinges giving more room for the design options.

Timber Casement Windows

At Bijan Timber Windows, all our timber windows are manufactured using the best materials available, sourced from sustainable sources, and offered in a wide range of timber options, including pine, alder tree, oak and Accoya, with FSC certified timber.

Protection of Casement Windows

Using four layers of microporous paint, we protect all our wooden and timber windows against moisture ingress and premature deterioration.


Combining traditional joinery techniques with contemporary modifications we are able to improve energy efficiency and noise elimination using high quality draught seals for all our wooden windows.


All our timber windows are double glazed for quality and efficiency. At Bijan Joinery, we are committed to using Law Emissivity glazing units for increased energy efficiency of around 75% compared to regular float glass. Depending of the requirements we provide a whole range of glazing options:

BIJAN Timber Windows London - Installation Options

We provide installation in various options depending on the requirement.

Option one

Basic fitting which does not include architraves and doing good around windows.

Option two

Basic fitting with period profiled architraves and internal sills does not include doing good around windows or any decorating work.

Option three

Comprehensive fitting includes period profiled architraves and internal sills and doing good around windows inside and outside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward like a door due to hinges on either side of the frame. This is often achieved using a cranking system. There are many upsides to installing casement windows over other types of frame, including superior clarity, easy maintenance and better ventilation.

Timber casement windows are generally hard to break into. When closed, and latched the seal is very tight and the only way to open it would be to break the glass. The latch of double-hung windows is used to close the window, and not for security purposes.
Timber casement windows are thermally efficient and resist ‘cold-bridging’, Timber in windows helps to save operational energy over the life of a building. Timber casement windows provide superior thermal insulation: 15 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel.